The History Of Sin City Cycles


The city of Lynn was founded in 1629 and at that time it was called Saugus. Samuel Whiting arrived from King’s Lynn , England and the cities name was changed to Lynn. The people of Lynn were not happy with the name change , so in 1850 it became The Colonial Lynn. Lynn was a robust city, and at one point it was known as the shoe capitol of the world.  Over the years it also became known as the “City of Sin” hence the poem, “Lynn Lynn the city of sin, You never come out the way you went in.” 

In 1987 Sin City Cycles was born in Lynn, at 162 Franklin Street. The business was founded by Greg Domey with the help of a friend Dave Jackson. This being an exciting new family venture for greg, he would often have his young sons Raymond and Gregory Jr. answering phones and cleaning up the shop. Though the store was at 162 Franklin Street the shop was on Boston Street behind the local biker bar Frank's.  

The store sold top notch biker apparel and parts and the shop built bikes and did repairs as well as detailing.

In late 1991 the store was moved down the street to 200 A Franklin Street in the corner of Boston Street the old Lynn drug a much larger store in a better location the business also did a great mail-order business, and T-shirts was sold and seen all over the country and out of the country.

At this time Sin City Cycles was becoming the pride of Lynn for keeping it real and getting the cities name back on the map. Sin City Cycles was always known for its quality products sin city cycle sold hoodies for men, women and children, hats T-shirts tank tops jackets sweat pants yoga pants leggings even onesies for the babies stickers rings patches parts and used bikes.

Sin City cycles has always been known for its help around the community with its giveaways at the soup kitchen, benefits for Breast Cancer, and raising funds for the wounded and homeless veterans and The Christmas For Kids Event that has helped hundreds of local kids from Lynn and Saugus.

In 1995 Greg Domey was arrested by the federal government and sentenced to 20 years in prison on some trumped up charges from prison Greg kept the business alive with the help of family and friends. In 1996 the business moved yet again to a small location on Boston Street all while doing the local bike events like Laconia , World Wheels etc. The struggle was real to keep the doors open and try to keep a handle on things from prison for Greg somewhere in the mid 2000s the Boston Street store closed and business continued by doing shows and online sales, never giving up on the family business they persevered as a team and a family.  

As Greg's son's got older and got more involved in the business. They were only three and five years old when the business started. They wanted to have the store open for their dad to come home to from prison and that's what they did they opened the store in Saugus at 356 Central Street later to be moved to 352 Central St. Central Street where it still is today. The family open another store in Lynn at 14 Mount Vernon St. In 2015 but with the economy the way it is there was no need for two stores. 

Now in 2019 Sin City Cycles has spread its wings and open the store in California in the city of Antioch, at 814 A Street Antioch is located outside Richmond California. They continue to do an online business as well at 

Over 30 years later they continue to greet you with a smile and a good deal will be had by all .  ASK FOR GREG he will walk you through it. Positive thoughts Bring positive actions.

Contact us at either Location : Saugus MA. 781-599-9844 . or  Antioch CA. 925-732-3242